Deeptech Vista Mini
UK Field test
By Graham

A fantastic package,
"Great value for money"

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The Deeptech Vista Mini has really raised some interest in the UK
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Testing the Deeptech Vista Mini
Deeptech Vista Mini finds deep coins at bunkers park hemel hempstead

My first outing with the vista mini went very well indeed, if I'm being truthful I really wasn't expecting the machine to perform half as well as it did, when you try anything that is the cheapest in the range you have thoughts of lack of performance but what I've found so far it really packs a hell of a punch for the money.

First thoughts after powering it up and swinging for a few minutes was is this switched on and is there something wrong with it.... Just so so silent while operating.

I even switched it back off and on again to confirm then I came across my first signal and I could start to relax knowing all was well with the machine.


After about twenty minutes and a few signals in I knew why Gary said this vista mini is a very popular machine.

It's such a great machine for complete hassle free detecting what I really am starting to appreciate.

With so many machines now with settings galore for me it's turning a little crazy.... I've always said about to many settings on a detector can lead to missing items and I'm a firm believer in that still but first time out with the vista mini I pulled four coins and other bit and bobs without making a meal of things.


I wasn't racking my mind with jumpy audio or wondering if I've set the discrimination up more than I should because that has all been taken out of your hands.

Two dials... volume and sensitivity and a toggle switch in the middle for all metal and discrimination... How can you fail to mess that one up :0)


You get a signal you dig it... Complete simplicity.

As you can see in the video all them targets was at good depth and good on audio.
I came across a few that had a slightly broken audio tone but give them a dig and see if it's something just on the edge of it's detection range or near iron.

Deeptech Vista Mini UK deep pasture test

This vista mini really took me by surprise and class it as a true sleeper and really surprised I've not heard Gary mention more about it.

Was a true joy to use and looking forward to trying it out on some other sites early next week.

Graham testing the Vista Mini
Graham and the Vista Mini

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