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XP visit Jersey and search for more Jersey Hoard coins with some amazing results
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We got an call from Reg Mead and Richard Miles the finders of the Jersey Hoard they wanted some advice about the XP Deus.
Richard and Reg found the Jersey hoard hoard called Catillon II consisting of 70,000 coins back in 2012, even now the Jersey conservation team are still picking through the mass that originally weighed just under a ton.
It now rests in the La Hougue Bie museum Jersey where it is being dis-assembled, cleaned and recorded.

Our Story
We decided to visit Jersey and meet up with the guys and offer some metal detector training...well XP Deus training to be exact, the trip went exactly to plan and we made some amazing finds and met some genuine people.
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Part 1
Hoard information and testing the Deus on the site
Gold and treasure found inside the Jersey Hoard

Jersey Hoard re visited


Part 2
Visiting Jersey through the eyes of a metal detectorist
Visiting the Jersey Hoard found with a metal detector

The Jersey Hoard through the eyes of a metal detectorist

This Video tells the complete story it includes and interview with the Hoard Finders and Neil Mahrer. Then they try the XP Deus on the hoard site, you can see some Silver Celtic coins being dug on camera.
The Jerset Hoard finders Reg Mead and Richard Miles
Video coming soon !!

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