Introducing the Nokta Racer
Product review
By Gary's Detecting

The machine looks very well built and gives the impression of being quite "chunky"

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Nokta-Makro Racer UK review and basic information by Gary's metal detecting


Information so far
As you can see the Racer has some outlandish looks, will they be accepted by the detectorists...who knows, I guess only time will tell.
From what I can tell there will be two versions
Racer : A coin & relic device and the Gold Racer which is a higher frequency Gold machine.
The Racer will be launched first and the Gold Racer will follow a few months.
The Racer operates on 14KHz, the Gold frequency is yet to be announced.



The display screen has a large clear read out.
As you can see there are plenty of user options including a beach mode.

I like the idea of a mineralisation meter it looks very easy to understand
Nokta racer clear dissplay perfect for metal detecting

The big question is how much ?
Here are some prices so far

29cm x 18.5cm (11" x 7") DD Search Coil
4 x AA Alkaline Batteries

29cm x 18.5cm (11" x 7") DD Search Coil
14cm x 14cm (5.5") DD Search Coil
AC & Car Charger
4 x AA Rechargeable Batteries
Carrying Bag
Treasure Pouch
Rain Covers
Cap with Official Makro Logo
T-Shirt with Official Makro Logo

Nokta Racer picture
Nokta Racer works on the beach

The machine looks very well built and gives the impression of being quite "chunky"

Other features are A vibrate mode and a forward facing light that illuminates the search coil


Also available as an option  is a Bluetooth headphone unit



"Gary's UK Makro Racer Review"

At first I was not over impressed by the Makro Racer, for some reason it just didn't excite me, perhaps I was expecting it to perform way beyond my Fors Core, or the anticipation of someone mastering the dark art of cordless blue tooth headphones. I decided to go out and test the machine straight out of the box, as you will see in video 1 the Makro Racer had no changes made, only to the gain.
Within a very short time the Racer rewarded me with a Roman coin, but there was still no bond there, it didn't react how I wanted neither did it sound how I wanted, although the performance could not be faulted.

Makro Racer control box with flashlight

My second time out with the Makro Racer the relationship started to flourish....I started to bond with the machine, by adjusting the gain I quickly realised I could make the signal much kinder on the ears and give a much better perception of depth, which is something I insist on with every metal detector that I keep. You will see in video number 2 how flexible the Racer is and by making small changes to the features makes a big change to your overall detecting experience.

Makro Racer battery box

I wanted to see how fast the recovery speed was and how it could deal with targets amongst iron, in video number 3 you can see for yourselves how responsive it is on a bad area, and has the ability to pick out small targets amongst iron, especially when lowering the ID filter and Gain.

Makro Racer menu

In video number 4 you can see and hear the machine in action, OK no great targets were found but just look at the depth and hear the signal clarity, at the end I give my full summary and honest opinion after 2 outings with the Makro Racer.

Makro Racer search coil

Now I am going to pass this metal detector on to other members of my team to review so stay tuned for more Makro Racer information
.Important notice beware of scammers
Manufacturers beware !!! we have had reports of individuals using the Gary's detecting name and asking manufacturers  for free machines to test, these people are scammers, please contact Gary's detecting first.


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