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Metal detecting in the UK with the Vista Sprite
By Gary's Detecting
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It's been a long wait but the Vista Sprites are finally completed...what a journey, before I start I would like to thank Deeptech for their patience
In the beginning how did I get started, you can download the interview and review onto a word document
 This is what a popular metal detecting magazine would not print because I don't place adverts with them, so just remember that when your reading pages of adverts...they refuse to print interesting articles because its not beneficial to them, not the reader !

coffee break interview with Gary
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What is different about the Sprite ?
I wanted my own machine to deal with a variety of site conditions here in the UK, the current range of Deeptech's are more than adequate but I just wanted to put my own theme on a metal detector. Other things that interested me were keeping within a competitive price bracket and having a machine to suit all skill levels in one package.
Prototype stages
During the prototype stages I wanted to let as many people as possible from different skill levels to test this machine and give me their honest feedback, this is what took a long time because a slight change would require a 3 week wait while the factory made adjustments. Also Deeptech were trying some of their own new circuitry modifications out on this machine to without me being aware.
The early prototypes were powerful, and I mean powerful which would have been fine if your sites were clean, but is started to loose what I wanted which was a machine everyone could use. Most of the UK is littered with iron so we needed to reign in the power. Other Deeptech models still maintain the high power levels but it takes someone with a little more skill to know how to set the machine up.
Search coils
The Sprite was designed around the 10 x 6 elliptical DD coil to make it more tractable for a wider range of search scenario's. Other coils are available such as the 8 x 6 shooter coil for specialist work amongst iron or tight spaces and the 11" round wide scan for better ground coverage and greater depth.
This is a tricky one and something I don't fully understand...As mentioned in the earlier prototype paragraph the Sprite has less power than other models, you can run it on the pre set red sensitivity dot on most sites, I can already hear you saying... OH its not going to be that deep then, and until I used the Sprite I would be inclined to agree with you. I think the magic comes from a very smooth machine that allows the user to hear the faintest signals and based on my own experiences without a shadow of a doubt leading to an improved finds rate. The Sprite reminds me very much like the old Tesoro Silver Sabre with a modern twist and that is exactly what I wanted out of my first signature machine.


The Coke switch
A vast area of the UK is littered with coke so a coke check switch was the sensible choice, but I also wanted this switch to have different functions and it turned out just perfect !
This button is actually a discrimination shift, if the discrimination dial is set in the red pre-set position the machine will reject coke when the button is pressed...however if the dial is at the zero position the machine will reject most iron but not round headed nails such as hob nails, until the button is pressed, then these nails are rejected.
The reason for this is professional searchers who hunt Saxon sites know hob nails sound the same as small Saxon Styca's and must never be rejected, this also applies to detecting small coins and artefacts amongst iron.
Working to the other end of the scale, at maximum discrimination the machine will only reject iron...when the button is depressed it will now reject foil and ring pull's so it can be used on a park when hunting for modern coinage.


Ground Balance
This one confuses a lot of people, it is a control that allows the machine to ignore the ground instead of seeing it as a target, for some it is vitally important to get the last ounce of performance out of their machine by carefully tweaking the ground control.....not for me ! I use the red dot position and crack on, there's no shame in using a fixed ground balance the depth loss is minimal and the detector runs so much smoother.


3 search settings
REJ is a silent search mode where the operator only hears the bleep from a non rejected target which is normally non ferrous.
ALL is an all metal mode where the operator hears every target under the coil ferrous and non ferrous (Ferrous is an iron target)
DISC is a 2 tone search mode where iron will give a low tone and good targets give a lovely sweet high tone, this mode gives the operator a wealth of information as they can build up an audio picture of the search area.


Discrimination control
This control is an iron reject potentiometer, the higher you go the more iron it will reject, at zero it will still reject some iron it works in close proximity to the Coke check button as described earlier.
All metal detectors will have problems rejecting large odd shaped iron, with a little practice the operator will learn little tricks on how to identify this type of target.
Note : The settings REJ and DISC will have slightly different discrimination control settings


The sensitivity adjusts the overall power of the machine, as mentioned earlier the pre set red dots are a good starting point, if you hear a lot of false signals from iron it is a sign your sensitivity is to high.
Wet grass and highly contaminated area's may require a lower sensitivity setting.

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