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" Testing the ORX metal detector "
How to identify Iron

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Testing the XP ORX metal detector !
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When you buy your metal detector, many people ask will it find Gold ?
Yes it will find valuable Gold coins and treasures, but you must also take into consideration, it is designed to find metal.
Do you beat yourself up if you dig Iron, like so many metal detector users out there, we all do it, just say oh well that's just the way it is.

XP ORX metal detector loves to find Silver and Gold

If you have a professional metal detector like the XP ORX, you can easily tell the difference between a rusty nail and a Gold Coin, however this is not an exact science and on the odd occasion you will dig some unwanted iron and ask, why did the detector fool me.
There are lots of reasons a detector sees iron targets as good targets, if you are digging nails, them something is wrong with your machine or the way you have it adjusted.
If you are digging odd shaped iron, or round iron, then it is understandable as these particular targets catch most machines out.
With a little patience and skill you can soon become confident with your metal detector, but donít be complacent or over confident as many iron items will be treasure.
Why is the XP ORX a good choice of metal detector
The price is very attractive, plus it has a wide range of features, the biggest bonus is the fact that you don't need to be a detecting expert to use this machine, it finds Silver and Gold straight out of the bow with no adjustments.

ORX metal detector easy to use

It is common knowledge amongst professional detectorists that so many important coin hoards have been found by people new to the metal detecting hobby, and this is largely down to the fact that they investigate more suspicious targets than the seasoned treasure hunter, because they are perhaps a little over confident.

Metal detector for deep treasure

Cheap metal detectors will not reject iron as well as good detectors, the form of adjustable target rejection is called discrimination. While using the XP ORX I found most Iron was discriminated at level 7.

You can see the XP ORX metal detector in action by watching this video.


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