" The metal detecting world has now hit 4K resolution"

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4K technology is on the brink of taking over from HD which means sharper crisper metal detecting video's
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Just as we've have become familiar with "1080 HD", along comes 4K Ultra HD as the next-generation offering far superior picture quality and far more detail.
Very soon TV's, computers, cameras and projectors will all have the new 4K screen resolution. Technology moves fast these days so I guess it wont be long before we will all be insisting on 4k.

What exactly is 4K ?
Many current TVs are Full HD, which means they have a display made up of 1920 x 1080 pixels - around two million pixels if you're counting. That's probably what you have sat in your living room right now.
That's fine enough for quality, but a 4K UHD TV has a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, delivering around eight million pixels in total. So the jump isn't twice the resolution of Full HD, it's four times

Do I need 4K ?
If you want a sharper, crisper picture then you should definitely care about 4K. It's been used in cinema projection for a number of years but has taken time to trickle down into the home in an affordable price.

What am I going to get with 4K ?
What you're going to get with 4K is a phenomenal, dynamic range of colours, saturation and ultra-crisp picture. You're going to see is a substantial difference in picture quality.

The 4K picture is so stunning and the technology such a leap forward that it has to be seen to be believed.

Sony PXW X70 4K footage

I am no professional but have been testing the Sony PXW X70 camera, this shoots in 4K, you can watch this video featuring the XP Deus, even on a non 4K monitor at full screen you can see the crisp Quality it produces even in fully automatic mode.
Were not talking about distorted fish eye Go Pro style 4k, this is in a different world.
For best results make sure your You Tube resolution is set to minimum 1080p, this can be done by selecting the cog icon at the bottom of the screen and setting the resolution in manual, make sure you are viewing the video in "Full Screen"

Here is the video
XP Deus Filmed in 4K

XP Deus filmed in 4K
The mighty XP Deus filmed in 4K

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