XP Deus finds Silver Roman coins
Another UK discovery

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The XP Deus metal detector finds another important UK treasure
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Dan Stevenson a builder from Reading had no idea how his luck was going to change when he attended a metal detecting dig organised by the Southern Detectorist club.

He was trying Gary's new XP Deus Sifter program when he got a big signal, he dug down to recover a piece of lead. But like all professional metal detectorists he re checked his hole to hear another target.
Dan dropped to his knees and recovered some more soil using his hand held digger, as he placed the spoil onto the side of the hole he noticed some Silver coins.
Dan immediately knew these were Silver Roman Denari.

Silver Roman coins found with an xp deus

Acting according to the UK treasure act laws he stopped digging and notified the dig organisers, who in turn notified the local archaeology teams.
The hole was covered up and they returned the next day with the Archaeologists to document and carefully recover the hoard.

Recovering Roman coins with an xp deus

Dan was given full permission to recover the coins under close supervision, I believe there was around 180 in total.
The media team from XP metal detectors were on site and captured the complete event on film.

Here is the video
How to find Roman coins with an XP Deus
Digging Silver Roman coins with the XP Deus

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