XP MI-6 pinpointer
Instructions and menu features

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Over the last couple of years everyone has been talking about the XP MI-6 pin point probe, so many of my metal detecting acquaintances are so pleased with this product I wanted to take a deeper look.
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The MI_6 pinpoint probe from XP metal detectors a work of metal detecting art

The MI-6 pin pointer from XP has already earned a fantastic reputation ?
The question very often asked is - Do I need an XP Deus metal detector to use the MI-6?
 The answer to that is NO !
The pinpointer can be used as a stand alone item, very much like the other units from metal detector manufacturers.

The MI_6 pinpoint probe from XP metal detectors new product review

The XP mi-6 build quality and features
The build quality is truly fantastic to be honest it cannot really be faulted, the tough rubber grip adds a solid professional feel to the probe.
When paired to the Deus RC you will see a pin point zoom screen whenever the MI-6 is turned on, the screen "Blacks out " the closer it gets to the target.

The XP Deus has a clear bold display and an easy to operate MI-6 menu, 4 preset programs and the ability to save your own personal settings.

The XP Mi-6 has different tone settings, Pitch or Pulse mode, sensitivity levels 0 -50 - Plus a Research mode, for example if your pin pointer is lost in the field, simply hit the research mode - the probe will turn itself on and bleep.
Tone settings
Tone settings will allow you to adjust how the MI-6 sounds when a target is located, for example ;
Pitch mode is like a VCO, it is a continuous tone that raises in intensity as you get closer to the traget
Pulse mode is a sires of bleeps that get closer as you approach the target, very much like the probes we have always used.
Pairing your MI-6
This is a very simple job, even if you just own the headphones Ws4 or Ws5 and no module, you can still pair the headphones to work via radio link, it takes seconds !.

Pairing the RC with the MI-6


Pairing the headphones with the MI-6 - No controller

Stand alone :
1.  3 levels of sensitivity with audio ON.
2.  3 levels of sensitivity with audio OFF.
3.  Vibrate On or OFF.
4.  LED - ON or OFF
5.  Pitch or Pulse sound.
6.   De-Tune feature.
Paired with the XP Deus - All of the stand alone features PLUS !
The MI-6 works directly through the Ws4 or Ws5 headphones.
2. The Deus coil turns OFF when the MI-6 is ON - to eliminate EMI
3. 50 levels of sensitivity.
4. Adjustable audio tone.
5. 4 pre - set programs - plus the option to save your own MI-6 program.
6. Lost probe mode called "Research", this will switch a lost probe on and sound an alarm.
7. Zoom target screen on the RC controller


Here is a video showing the advantages and features of the MI-6 pin point probe from XP metal detectors

The MI_6 pinpoint probe from XP metal detectors, can you live without it.
The MI6 pin point probe from XP

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