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Testing the AKA Sorex pro, coin shooting for deep targets, seeing is believing !
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I have named this short article seeing is believing, it is a true account of what happened yesterday when Pete and myself took the Sorex Pro coinshooting on a meadow site close to a river.
Many of you may know Pete from my forum, although he has not been detecting as long as many of us seasoned fools he can, and always gives his honest opinion on the metal detectors I give him to test. We also like to test new machines together, it really helps get a good perspective about a machine, as they say two heads are better than one !

Having talked on several occasions I could tell Pete was not over impressed with the Sorex, his main concern was the lack of deep targets which was completely the opposite to my mentioned in my earlier review, the Sorex Pro was in my hall of fame for performance.

aka sorex pro test

I was convinced that the sites Pete was searching simply had no deep targets to offer, or ground conditions dictated the maximum depth of a VLF, the only way to convince him was to show him in the field.
We meet up just before lunch and drove to the site, from the car parking area it was a 20 minute walk so we had plenty of time to chat about the machine and how it was going to really impress him, although the thought did cross my mind that if we didn't find anything deep I was going to look like a right idiot !

We took the video camera along and had planned to make a film showing the Sorex in action, but decided to set it up first and make a couple of finds just to get warmed up.
After ground balancing and setting the sensitivity it was literally 2 minutes before we got our first signal, a faint two way signal with a very short Hodograph reading around the 2 o'clock reading, the pin point audio was just registering, so we knew it was small or deep.
 We dug down and got a signal from the probe at 9 inches (23 cm), using a hand trowel we dug another inch or so and carefully recovered a tiny Silver pendant in the shape of Switzerland....first signal...job done....the boy's already convinced !
aka sorex pro silver aka sorex pro treasure

To find something that small and at that depth left no doubt in our minds that the Sorex Pro was a powerhouse, and I silently gave a sigh of relief !
We continued only a few feet when we got another signal, again using a pin point probe and a small hand trowel the target was carefully excavated at 10" deep (26cm) which turned out to be a near perfect 1936 sixpence.
Another interesting target was a nice Silver Button with Bucks Yeoman written on it...again at a measured 9" (23cm )
aka sorex pro silver button
Bucks Yeoman info


The day continued with several other targets totalling 20 Victorian coins including 4 Silver, all between 9"(23cm) and 12" (30cm ) deep, some gave a really bright signal fooling us into thinking the targets were shallow.
We had a great day constantly digging coins we forgot about the filming, eventually the light started to fade and we had to pack up.
aka sorex pro coin cache aka sorex pro coin hunting

The Hodograph readings at depth were sometimes inconsistent but always showing in the positive range, this could be down to several reasons but by all means not un common with any target ID machine. The Audio tone was very reliable and easy on the ears, we only dug 1 piece of odd shaped iron all day.
aka sorex pro siver coins aka sorex pro deep silver

These pictures show the best of the bunch, we also dug a lot of fishing weights, foil and general rubbish during our session.

aka sorex pro decorated spoon aka sorex pro testing deep targets

What a great day's coin shooting, the settings used for Sorex users was algorithm MSF, PST  all metal screen with LT bound at -30

aka sorex pro test settings

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