Land owners and farmers are you thinking about raising money for charity.
Our professional metal detecting club offer generous donations for good causes, here is a brief description about our charity work.
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garys metal detecting charity raising metal detecting events
If you are a land owner looking to raise money for a good cause or just need a little extra to help through these troubled times, perhaps we can help with our well organised metal detecting group.
We are a small metal detecting syndicate always looking for land to search, the club is owned and run by Gary from Gary's detecting who is a well respected ambassador for the hobby.
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Our metal detecting club how does it work ?
As a small metal detecting syndicate our aim is to put something back into the community and help local land owners financially, our club is 100% non profit making, all our donations go directly to the land owner who can either donate to charity or keep to help day to day running of your farm.

We did it again, thanks everyone we had a great day and raised 130 for Macmillan
Charity metal detecting dig for Macmillan
Gary's detecting raised 130 in association with Penn & Tylers Green Lodge

Thanks everyone we raised 160 for Macmillan today with our small charity dig
Charity metal detecting dig for Macmillan
Gary's detecting raised 160 in association with Penn & Tylers Green Lodge

How many detectorists will there be ?
We like to keep our numbers between 10 and 15 people for one day which is between 9am and 4pm, most of us have been detecting together for over 15 years, all members are friendly and dedicated to the hobby with a great knowledge of history and the countryside, with up to date NCMD and FID insurance cover.

Larger digs from 30 -100 people can also be arranged if you have large plots of land if you wish to raise more money, the choice is yours and all options will be discussed during our initial meeting together.
All we ask is the chance is for Gary or one of our members to have a 1 to 1 chat with you, then if you want to make a decision at a later date, that's fine.

For us metal detecting is a hobby and not a form of income, we have very strict morals and won't leave your land divested of all metal, like a plague of locusts, neither will we disclose our meetings to people who are not in the syndicate, most land owners who have had us visit are more than pleased to see us again.

help for heroes

Land surveys using a metal detector : Finding lost items free of charge

  found a lost gold ring with a metal detector
You may be living or working on an ancient settlement or even possibly a pot of gold...who knows !!!
Without the aid of a metal detector and skilled operator you may never know.
Perhaps ancient maps have strange field names which have interested you for years, drop us a line to discuss any questions you may have.

Area's we cover
Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Essex, Gloucester, Northampton, East Sussex and West Sussex.

metal detecting charity fund raising
Just curious !
You may own some land and would like to know if there is any historic significance attached to it, if records show a significant find was made in the past, it's always worth another look !
We can guarantee all information is strictly confidential between the land owner and our team, written contracts are available.

Have you ever wanted to try metal detecting ?
 You or members of your family are welcome to accompany us during any search, we will gladly supply metal detectors and tuition.

Find agreements
As always we record any valuable finds as it's the law under the treasure act, any find of a pre agreed value will be split 50 / 50 with the finder and the land owner.

OK I'm interested in fund raising, what do I do now ?
Please send an e mail to with a brief description of your requests and a contact number, we will make contact and arrange a site visit at a convenient time for you.

Gary's U.K metal detecting web site - Offering fund raising and charity events for land owners and helping local communities .
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