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I have decided to release a small metal detecting forum where I hope genuine people from all levels of detecting can chat and share information.
From what I can see forums of any type have become very political places where blatant machine bashing or promoting appears to be the priority.
These forums attract lots of viewers but very little contributors, the forum I have designed is...if want for no better word, an experiment to encourage decency and friendship amongst the hobby. If it fails...well it was worth a try I will simply delete it.

How can we make an active forum ?
1. Well the good news is my metal detecting forum is free, I think charging to view a forum is disgusting, if you have an existing web package forums such as SMF are free and easy to set up, I have no intention of making money from this.

2. The success or failure is solely dependant on the viewers, yes you guys, 2000 watchers and 4 posters is not a good recipe, so please get involved and enjoy your time. If you are a novice or never detected we want to hear from you, we will not allow genuine people to be made un welcome.

3. Moderators at the moment are : myself Gary and Dave, apart from being one of my closest friends for many years Dave has a great knowledge of metal detectors and very good at Roman coin identification.

The Games Room !

Let me explain about the Games Room, it is not a secret society, it is a private area where mates can chat about metal detecting and other subjects if they wish.
To be a member of the Games Room you will need to be verified by an existing member who knows your real name and a land line contact number a minimum of 25 posts is required to qualify for the Games Room.
So that's about it, its over to you guys, if you have any suggestions or feel more subject boards would be helpful please drop me a line.

Live Chat room every weekend   NEW !

We now have a live metal detecting chat room at the bottom of the forum home page, all members can contribute simply by typing their message into the white box and click shout or hit the return key to upload, this is a real time feature and ideal for banter and chat, all posts will be deleted at the end of each day, so the following day only new posts can be viewed.
Monday through to Friday afternoon the chat room is not active

We will not allow members with false e mails or user names like vvrtsqq19 as these are normally spammers or trouble makers...if you have not contributed at least 5 posts per month your account will be deleted and a new registration will be required, sorry if this sounds harsh but we would like all members to contribute.

If you register and do not receive a welcome e mail please check you have given a valid e mail as these are checked before an account is opened.
Regards Gary
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