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 These notes have been prepared for those wishing to obtain a basic understanding of dowsing.   It is not my intention to present these notes as hard and fast facts, but rather encourage their use as a guide, and perhaps encourage the reader to undertake further study.

 It is absolutely essential each of us develop techniques, interpretations and an understanding, which suit our own belief systems and reality.

I must stress that the ethics associated with dowsing are fundamental to achieving any level of consistency.   In these notes you will find heavy emphasis is placed on ethics and attunement.   It is essential that each of us develops and refines our own unique personal process that will help us enter the essential state of attunement.

 The gift of Dowsing is available to all, providing it is compatible with our realities.  How we decide to use this gift that will determine our level of success.

 These notes are not anywhere completed to my satisfaction.   Each time I read them, I change something or add additional information.   I’m sure this will continue as my own knowledge and awareness continues to develop.    Please bear with me as I add and change content as time goes by.

 The information in this document can be freely distributed, however it cannot be used for personal financial gain.   Its use in other documents is approved providing acknowledgment of its origin is given


 How does dowsing work?

 This is a question that has almost as many answers as there are dowsers, and there is much confusion whether dowsing is partly connected to some intuitive process.   Perhaps as we delve deeper into the subject we will see a definite link between what we perceive as intuition and certain dowsing techniques, but more on that later.   A commonly accepted theory goes loosely like this.

 The universe is energy and everything in the universe radiates some form of energy, resonating at an individual frequency or, in combination with other elements, in multiples of harmonic, or sub-harmonic frequencies.   Likewise, our bodies are made up of countless atoms and molecules representing many elements, each of them resonating at a unique frequency but contributing to a combined personal harmonic resonance.   This tends to vary somewhat with the state of our health.

 Likewise, our brain and nervous systems function through electrical stimuli therefore, we can consider ourselves as sensitive biological receivers.   We are continually reacting, and perhaps unconsciously, to the resonance from many sources.   Furthermore, our emotions, moods and real time attitudes are formed by the way our neuron’s fire off, thereby continually altering the chemical balance in our brain and forming our moods and emotions.   Often these affects are quite subtle and we may be unaware of what has caused sudden changes.

 Each millisecond of our life, we are exposed to radiation from every source imaginable, radio and TV transmitters, powerlines and electrical appliances.   Likewise, we are affected by the natural energies from the sun, moon, planets, and earth and; as we all have experienced at some time or other, we can be influenced by people’s attitudes and moods.    I’m sure many of us at some time have walked into a room and felt the collective mood - as the saying goes - “you could cut the atmosphere with a knife”. We seem to attune with some people quite easily, even with relative strangers, whilst others may make us feel quite uncomfortable.   Our consciousness is continually assessing the level of resonant harmony we have with everything and everyone around us.

 Surprising, as it may seem, the subtleties imposed on us by the advertising medium, suggests that physical appearances and presentation are the first and most important impressions.   This may be partly correct in the shallow material sense, but, in the final analysis, the indefinable assessment provided from our deeper levels of consciousness will prove to be the more correct.

 Thought energies also, radiate well beyond our physical surroundings.   We know that the collective moods or attitudes of a group of people can affect us if we are sufficiently sensitive.   For example, we can experience the collective fear of our community if there is a serial killer loose in the neighbourhood, or, following a shark attack at our favourite beach; our fears are radiated to mingle and strengthen the collective feeling.   In a much worse example, the hysteria that infects people during riots and mass emotional demonstrations could be considered a manifestation of collective energies, regardless of the justification of the cause.

 Preoccupation with all these affects could lead to paranoia, however, if we remain conscious of these affects, we will be better equipped to deal with them.   By the end of this little book we should have the skills to step aside from these concerns and the possible preoccupation they can bring and be able to analyse the reasons for our feelings.    We should have the skills to cope, or, at least understand.

 Perhaps by now you are getting impatient to learn something about dowsing.   Please bear with me. All that has been discussed does have relevance to dowsing.   As dowsing is nothing more than a tool or system that amplifies subtle reactions.   It gives us a physically identifiable manifestation of our deeper reactions, and, everything we have discussed previously will help us in identifying and understanding the source of the radiations and, as a consequence, our reactions.   And most importantly, we need to have the ability to use the information for our own benefit and the benefit of others.

 Our Tribal connection.

 Most of us live in societies where the pace of life and the pressures brought about by the demands of everyday existence tend to inhibit our perceptive abilities.   We even use technology to divert our attention from realities that would impact on us negatively if we allowed ourselves to be open to the influences.   Strange but true, we rarely use music for enjoyment and pleasure, but rather, we use it to block out unwanted realities, or, to try and recapture the feelings of some happier time.

 Imagine how different it must have been when our ancestors lived in a tribal environment.   Personal survival and that of the community would have largely depended on an ability to remain open and sensitive to the smallest and most subtle changes in nature.   To be able to “feel” danger well before it became a physical threat meant that our ancestors were able to survive in situations, which we can only imagine.

 This sensitivity or acute awareness our ancestors experienced, may be fashionably interpreted today as intuition.   Certainly, intuition would have had its place, however, it is almost impossible to define the difference between intuition and other levels of awareness they experienced through subtle, sensory stimulation.

 Our ancestors would have perhaps unknowingly, practised dowsing however; it would have been treated as nothing more than an extension of the five physical senses.

 This was brought home to me by an acquaintance who, had worked as an anthropologist in Africa for fifteen years or so, related an experience.   He had always been fascinated by the abilities of tribal medicine men to be able to identify plants with specific curative powers.  The medicine man explained that, when he went into the bush in search of a curative plant, he would silently ask for the beneficial plant to reveal itself.   This searching could go on for days until he “felt” a plant was saying, “take me, take me”.   We could assume from this little story, the medicine man “felt” a sympathetic vibration with the correct plant.   This resonant compatibility between the ailment and the plant appeared to have been sensed by the medicine man. We, of course could interpret this as intuition or dowsing.

 Many of us in the modern world may like to think we possess, or can recover that ‘primitive’ level of sensitivity and awareness, but I doubt if many of us would be completely successful without years of dedicated practice.   Our inability to filter out so many negative influences of our modern lifestyle would lead to enormous pressures.   This is where dowsing instruments come into their own, by amplifying the subtle reactions that reside below our normal levels of awareness, we could be well on the way to emulating the medicine mans achievements.

 In general terms, dowsing can be very loosely broken down into responses that, originate from the physical, emotional and psychic (spiritual) aspects of our being.  Lets take a bit of time to examine each of these.

 The Physical.

 This refers to our physical reactions to the resonance and radiation from our natural or artificial environment or the combination of material elements that surround us.   This is the aspect of dowsing we can use in our everyday life.   It is certainly the simplest of the dowsing techniques to develop and practice.

 Putting it into practice can be as easy as we wish to make it.   Lets consider the times when we have felt ill or just a bit out of sorts.   We may suspect our diet is not what it should be. We can dowse and identify deficiencies in our diet or foods that are not compatible with our digestive system.   I will explain some techniques later on.

 Or, how many times have we mislaid something and spent hours, even days looking for it?   Grab your favourite instrument, ask the appropriate questions, remain attuned, and the lost object will be found. 


 Our reaction to the thoughts, conditions and attitudes of other’s either individually or collectively, and in fact to ourselves (thought forms).   By understanding and, the application of some simple techniques we can use the art of dowsing to help us identify and subsequently put into place strategies that will help us deal with these reactions and emotional impositions


 This is perhaps the most contentious and least understood aspect of dowsing.   In simple terms it refers to our reaction to events that are outside our normal perception of lineal time, space, physical consciousness, or reality.   Many may feel uncomfortable when considering the intuitive aspects of life, as we do not have any real or substantial points of reference with which to make a rational or scientific assessment of intuition.

 What Makes a Good dowser?

 Our attitude and approach to the subject, will largely determine how successful we will be. How effectively we can develop this gift we all possess is up to us.   A few simple pointers may help; we must become truly open, be willing to have our existing perceptions and attitudes challenged, and be willing to question even our strongest beliefs on a variety of subjects.   A willingness to amend our realities is also essential.   This is asking a lot and we can never be completely sure we are not letting our years of social, cultural and theological/dogmatic conditioning affect us during a dowsing session.

 The best way to address these changes is to treat the whole learning experience as an exciting adventure into realms beyond the physical and mental.   It is an adventure that will increase our awareness, knowledge and understanding.   Everyone can gain knowledge, it is simply a matter of learning, but to gain understanding requires the practical application of knowledge.   Our greatest growth will come from an understanding brought about by practice with its subsequent failures and successes.

 We all establish our own particular reality and an interpretation on life and all it brings to us.  Let’s consider for instance our attitudes towards a snake or a gun.   Each of us will perceive these differently.   Some of us may select the reality that both are dangerous, whilst others may see the snake as a creature of the universe with its specific role in the biological scheme of things.   And the gun as an inanimate object that can only become dangerous in the wrong hands.

 Often, early on in our dowsing experiments, we may find it uncomfortable or even unnecessary to challenge some of our specific beliefs or realities. This is fine; we should never push for change just for changes sake that would be completely pointless and futile. Change (evolution) will inevitably occur if we gently persist in remaining as open as possible.

 However, by confining our dowsing to those subjects with which we feel comfortable, or, on subjects where we are willing to consider different realities to those we currently hold, will help us become comfortable with our progress.   This may mean some of us will only work with the physical realm, such as dowsing for water, minerals or other material subjects.   Others however, may be quite comfortable working with the aspects of health, emotional and spiritual dowsing or, even looking at intuitive possibilities.

 Whatever we choose, it will be based on our perceptions and realities, and our accuracy will generally be in line with our acceptance of these realities.  The difference between needs against wants must be kept in mind at all times.

 Personal Preparation.

 Much has been written about entering into a state of physical, emotional and spiritual harmony before commencing a dowsing session.   We may elect to do this through some system of meditation, or even through a mental count back process that I have found suits me best.   Time and practice will prove that we are all different when it comes to personal preparation.

 With practice, it may only take 20 or 30 seconds to enter a suitable state of preparation, so please do not be put off with the image of having to sit cross-legged and chanting ”Oom” for half an hour, this certainly is not necessary.

 It is important we each establish our own procedure or preparation, that will help us enter the alpha state prior to dowsing and, just as important, a state of openness and acceptance, as devoid as possible of anticipation, prejudice or bias.

 Only through continual practice will we eventually evolve a method that suits us best.   But be warned! Before attempting a dowsing session it is essential we undertake some personal preparation that is compatible with our reality and personality.   If we leap straight into a dowsing session without preparation, we will most likely be unsuccessful and the information that we obtain will most likely be faulty.

 Don’t be surprised if your method changes or evolves as time goes by.   Often we will intuitively amend it as our awareness and confidence grows.

 Furthermore, without adequate personal preparation, we may lose our focus and open ourselves to harmful or negative influences that may become manifest during a dowsing session.   This can be especially true if we choose to dowse on the emotional or psychic levels.

 Dowsing Ethics.

 Unfortunately, there are many who consider that dowsing can be used for any purpose other than beneficial.   Whilst this point could be debated at length, and occasionally they may have some initial success, in the long term their ability will reduce and accuracy will escape them.   It is really up to each of us to establish very early in our dowsing practice, that we cannot use our gift of dowsing for purposes other than the higher good of all things.   It is almost like establishing an agreement with our inner self.   Without this recognition and constant personal acknowledgement, failure will become our most undesirable companion.

 We may occasionally be tempted to use dowsing to unethically “pry” without permission, into matters, such as the personal affairs of others.   Without a doubt, if we persist on working outside the ethics of the higher consciousness and the natural laws of the universe, we will find our abilities diminishing and our accuracy being severely tried. Such prying will eventually manifest in us unwanted emotional states.

 In a nutshell, if we keep uppermost in our minds the need to ask three important questions - Can I? - May I? - Should I? , We should be able to develop, quite subconsciously, ethical boundaries, which we will find very difficult or even impossible to step over.   Perhaps I should explain those three little questions.

 Can I?

 Considering my realities and bias, can I expect to achieve and accurate outcome free from personal interference?

 May I?

 Is it relevant to my life, wellbeing or that of others?   Do I have the right to know or even ask for answers and information on a particular subject?

 Should I?

 Do I, or others need the information or knowledge that will be revealed from the dowsing session?   Am I, entitled to, or even sufficiently mature to deal with the knowledge?

 Another word of warning, after a few dowsing successes, we may become quite unjustifiably conceited with our abilities.  This will inevitably lead to errors.   We must remain conscious that humility is absolutely essential and regardless of what our ego may tell us, we are all human with the potential to experience every frailty and characteristic weakness.

 We have been allowed to share this gift and to use it for the benefit of all, and not as a tool or weapon to gain some perceived superiority, or advantage over others for some unjustifiable materialistic or egotistical reason.

 Another point worth mentioning before we move into dowsing techniques and instruments; is what experienced dowsers know as, “beginners luck”.   This is a time when early on in our dowsing life, we may perhaps step outside our ethical boundaries and manage to experience some success.   Beginners luck inevitably turns into beginner’s blues as our ability and accuracy falls away and self-doubt becomes a heavy burden that can plague us for many years.

 Like everything in our life, the ability to dowse is a privilege.   If we insist that we know the best way to use it, rather than remaining attuned to the subtle advice from the cosmic, universal consciousness, spirit guides, God, or whatever our individual realities perceive as the source of higher consciousness; we will certainly experience disappointments.

 Dowsing Tools.

 The history of dowsing is lost in antiquity, it is recorded in many and diverse records of early civilization.   It is pointless to dwell on any of them but rather just accept as fact, that almost every tolerant civilization used some form of dowsing.   The methods and instruments used were as varied as each cultures history.   Today, many methods and tools are used. I will only deal with a few here, and not in any order of preference or favour.   It is up to us individually to find the tools that suit our needs.   But as I will allude to later, some tools can be used in a wider variety of environments than others. Wind, body movement and other factors can be at times very difficult to deal with when using some dowsing instruments.

          Some of the most commonly tools used today are:

 The pendulum - this is probably the most common instrument in use today.    It is simple, compact, can be easily carried and is useful in many situations and can be made of almost any type of material.    It is also used to provide more than the common yes/no answer, but it does have its limitations, especially in the field where wind and body movement can cause problems in achieving accuracy or a correct interpretation.   But in the areas of individual dowsing, or in the use of charts or lists, few other devices match pendulum for flexibility.

 L rods - Generally, these are bent wires with two straight sections separated by a 90-degree bend.   The short length is usually held in the hand like a pistol and the reaction is through a movement to the right or left of the body.   Either a single wire can be used, or often, two wires are used simultaneously.   The L rods have a distinct advantage in fieldwork on physical or material objects, as they are more resistant to wind or body movement than the pendulum.   The L rods usually require body motion such as walking to achieve a reaction.

 Forked Stick/wire – Are similar to the L rods in capability and use.   The Forked instrument can be made out of wood, wire or plastic.  The size of this instrument is usually about 400 - 500 mm long, but small 150-mm instruments can be used for map and over bodywork.

 Bobber  - There are many types of bobbers, generally they are made of a length of wire or springy material that react with an up/down movement.   As with the other instruments except the pendulum, reaction is fairly well limited to interpreting a yes/no reaction only, although a skilled practitioner may be able to interpret subtle variations.

 Skin Tension - dowsers who have developed the ability to accurately interpret changes in skin tension often use this technique.   This method is quite convenient where unobtrusive dowsing needs to be practiced. Generally, the finger and thumb is lightly rubbed together and the dowser interprets changes in skin tension.   It does require a great deal of practice, but often the rewards are well worth the effort.

 The type of instrument and material used for the construction of dowsing instruments is really a matter of personal choice, all have their specific advantages and none require a higher level of dowsing ability than others, apart from perhaps skin tension methods.    It is completely up to the individual to choose what “suits” them best or, the material they feel they are “attuned” with.   Almost anything will work; as an example I can remember that some of my best results have come from a used teabag dangling on its string.

 Ž   Relax, go through your preparation, and enter the alpha state.

 Ž   Address the pendulum as if it were a separate entity (even though it isn’t).

 Ž      Ask the pendulum to indicate what is the Neutral movement for you.

 Ž      Ask the pendulum what is a “Yes” answer for you.

 Ž      Return to the Neutral State.

 Ž      Ask the pendulum what is a “No” answer for you.

 Ž      Return to the Neutral State.

 Ž      Ask the pendulum what is a “No Answer” for you.

 Ž      Repeat the exercise.

 Ž      Tell yourself that this program will be the basis for all your pendulum work.

 Ž      Relax.


 Do your personal preparation and enter Alpha State.

 Have the pendulum operate in neutral position for 30 seconds, let everything stabilise and attune within yourself.

 Formulate the subject in your mind.

 Ask these questions:

 Ž      May I ask questions about   (subject)

 Ž      Can I ask questions about  (subject)

 Ž      Should I ask questions about (subject)?

 If the answer to any of the questions is No, either go to another subject or leave till another time.

 DON’T continue a session if an answer to any of the above questions is No.

Formulating Questions.

Carefully prepare a list of questions and number each question.

Questions must be clear and precise and not be ambiguous in any way.

Before commencing your dowsing session, ask if any of the questions are ambiguous.

If yes, identify through the pendulum which ones require restructuring or re-wording.

Questions must be able to be answered with a Yes, No, No Answer, Likelihood, or by some given value from a chart.

If an answer to a question is unclear either delay the question till later, or try and re-phrase the question.

If the questions are structured so they rely on a specific answer from a previous question, be prepared to restructure the subsequent questions.

At the end of the session:

Ask if all the answers were given to you were correct. If the pendulum indicates some answers were in error. Ask to be shown which ones were in error.

Ask the questions again and compare your answers, if errors still exist, re-check the questions for ambiguity, or, leave the session till some other time.

Dowsing Material Objects.

In this aspect of dowsing, we are identifying those energies that, impact on us and can be interpreted physiologically.   The dowsing instruments we use give us a physical manifestation of this impact and allow an interpretation.

Remember everything in the universe is energy and dowsing relies on interpreting our physical reactions to this energy.

To accurately interpret the reactions of the dowsing tool, we must create in our own minds the necessary focus.   We must develop a mental regime whereby we can attune only to the subject at hand. It is very easy to interpret any reaction of the tool as an indication of what we wish to know.

If we just wander around with our instrument looking for reactions, we will get many, however, unless we have attuned to a particular subject, we will be guessing or assuming as to what the energies represent.

Say for instance, we were looking for beneficial or detrimental energy zones around our house, it is inevitable we will get many reactions from all sorts of energy sources, these could be underground water pipes, power or telephone lines, or any similar source.

We must program ourselves so that our tools will only react to what we are looking for.  This may sound difficult, however, with practice, we can achieve this by just focusing on the subject in our mind and our tools will only respond to energies from that source.

DO NOT, unless you are really confident, get involved in proving that dowsing works, don’t do ‘party tricks’ for others such as finding a hidden coin.   In many of us, the feeling the pressure that we need to perform will work against us and our accuracy may suffer as a consequence.

Practice is the best way to develop personal confidence in our abilities.   Dowsing is very personal, and unless there are really good reasons for doing otherwise, we are better off not publicising our abilities too broadly, especially to sceptics.

Remote Dowsing.

Here we enter and area of dowsing seems to defy logical explanation, but be assured, it has been proved to work in many situations.   Simply, asking questions, or dowsing a map or a hand drawn sketch can do it.   The scale and actual details shown on the map seem to have little impact on the results.

This method can be used to find almost anything, water, minerals, objects or people.   Try, practice and develop your own technique.

Personal Dowsing.

If any subject will affect our accuracy it is dowsing on personal, subjective aspects.   Many of us will find it difficult to obtain reliable results when dowsing on personal states or aspects of our own being.

Generally though, it is easy to dowse personal aspects such as diet, allergies and other physical aspects of our being.   But the same cannot be said for dowsing the deeper, emotional or spiritual aspects of our being.   We can easily influence the reactions of our tools, and even if we don’t, we will at times, think we may have, therefore we will doubt the results.   In reality we can get too ‘close’ to any subject.

Surrogate Dowsing.

To overcome the problems we have just discussed, sometimes it is helpful to enlist the aid of another dowser with whom we feel attuned and in whom we can trust implicitly.  This is referred to as surrogate dowsing.

Put simply, surrogate dowsing is getting another dowser to ask the questions on our behalf, or, where the questions are so personal we don’t wish to share them, maintain a physical contact with the surrogate dowser and ask the question silently.   The surrogate dowser will respond to the question and their dowsing instrument will indicate answers.   This may sound strange to the inexperienced, however it can be very successful providing the right rapport and conditions are established

But be warned, total trust must exist between both participants.   The dowser must have faith that you will only ask questions that are ethical, and you must trust that you are not influencing the outcome (thought forms).

An example of an unethical question would be asking whether someone’s partner is being unfaithful. Firstly, although unfaithfulness is something that may impact heavily on a relationship, the matter could be very subjective, as well; you will be asking a question about someone’s personal life without permission.   The above statement may be difficult to accept, but always remember the three questions, Can I, May I, and Should I, if you gain permission, then you may feel free to continue.   Please remember you can also influence, or force the outcome of the 3 questions, especially if the subject is very personal.

Likewise the person, who is acting as the dowsing channel, must also ask the three essential questions.  And, if the surrogate dowser is in doubt regarding the validity of questions, which are likely to be asked silently, they may also wish to consider asking the three questions silently to themselves before each question is addressed.

More On Ethics.

As we become more experienced, we may be tempted to try and locate missing people or children.   In particular those who may have disappeared or voluntarily withdrawn from family and friends.

Let’s consider the situation where concerned parents approach us in an attempt to locate their teenage son or daughter who has left home and refuses to make contact.   Naturally we would empathise with the parents’ situation and like to relieve their concern.    The question now arises, seeing that the teenager does not want contact, therefore should we attempt to find them?   Or should we respect the teenagers wish to maintain a state of isolation?

The experience the teenager is going through at this time may be part of their life path and we cannot be expected to judge the right or wrong of the situation.   We must not get involved in areas where the outcome of our dowsing, affects, amends or breaches privacy or, affects the outcome of someone’s karmic experience.

Likewise, there will be times when we are tempted to locate missing people who may have been the victim of crime.    We must approach these situations with extreme caution.  Although we may have permission through answers to the 3 questions, we may in fact find ourselves living of the victim’s experience as we attune to the situation.   Although it may not occur during the dowsing session, it could become an undesirable manifestation whilst we sleep, or at some other time when we are least prepared to deal with the situation.

It seems that our investigation and attunement to the subject can leave us with unwanted thought forms which will manifest themselves when we are quite unprepared, and as a consequence, we may have difficulty clearing or dealing with these thought forms.


The Use of a Witness.

The term “Witness” is generally understood to mean a material sample of the subject we are dowsing.

Take for instance, dowsing for a specific mineral, many people find it beneficial to hold a sample of the mineral.   They feel it helps them attune to the resonance of the specific mineral.

Likewise, in the case of dowsing regarding someone’s health, vitality, or other aspects of their being, a sample of fingernail, hair or some other substance of the person may assist us in attuning specifically to that individual.   In some instances, a recent photo, specimen of their handwriting, or article of clothing may be sufficient.   Personally I find it more convenient to use some form of personal witness when working with people.

If the person is present during the dowsing session, they can become the witness, however, sometimes you may find the persons energy levels in such close proximity to you, may cause problems with obtaining accurate answers.   In these situations, it is advisable to obtain a witness from that person and dowse the subject later when you are alone and the subject is absent.

Often though, people may have concerns about leaving a witness with you.   It seems the images of voodoo and witchcraft remain firmly embedded in some people’s psyche, and many may feel the witness may be used in some unethical manner.

The question is often asked if a witness loses relevance in time, for instance if a witness will be relevant in dowsing a persons state, say 3 months after the witness was obtained.   The answer is up to the individual to determine for himself or herself.   But generally, the witness helps us attune to the subject in any time frame we so desire, so most believe the witness stays relevant regardless of when it was obtained.

Working With Metaphysical Aspects.

This subject can be very wide ranging, from our spiritual belief through to entity attachments to people or inanimate objects.   Many will not feel comfortable with dealing in these matters, but for those who are, it is necessary to establish some fundamental guidelines.

In people, entity attachments are said to be in the form of elemental attachments through to possession either temporary or long term.   It is best to identify these by dowsing on the witness of the person, rather than while they are in your presence.

When dealing with entities or attachments to inanimate objects such as houses, identification can be done on the premises, but be prepared for some metaphysical manifestation, or opposition to your work.   It takes a cool head and heart to continue working whilst objects are flying around the room. It often makes more sense to do your ‘ghost hunting’ remotely, either whilst visualising the house or, dowsing over a sketch of the premises.

Another word of Warning - many of us may be uncomfortable dealing with this subject and if there is any doubt - leave it alone - do not get involved - enlist the assistance of a dowser who has had experience in this field.   It is very easy to attract unwanted attachments or thought