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garrett at pro
« on: November 18, 2016, 04:00 pm »
I used my at pro  6 times now 3 times on beach found no coins just a lead fishing weight, and dog tag and found 3 1pence coins and  1 2pence on river bank, just get too many signals all the time, mostly alu cans, now thinking of selling it as i cant think of anywhere to go even all the fells near me are private and all AONB, so cant get permission, Ive found more coins out shopping on the streets lol.


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Re: garrett at pro
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2016, 07:16 pm »
Hi bud,
Get yourself a proper beach detector and get back on those'll do a lot better.I'm afraid that the at pro is not a great beach machine even though you hear many people say they are.I would do what you suggested,sell the at and get a dedicated water detector if that is where your interest lies.
Best of luck,neil.


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Re: garrett at pro
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2016, 07:35 pm »
I had one of the early models on some beachs it would wave a white flag as soon as it saw sand yet a beach just 3 miles down the coast it would preform great.
A PI machine is on my wish list.
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Re: garrett at pro
« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2016, 07:53 pm »
I kinda get the feeling that the "all terrain" tag of this machine is more for the USA detectorists that want to walk waist deep in mud based rivers and streams and stick a machine under the water.  That is where the machines wins a lots of fans, and on dry land too IMHO.
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Re: garrett at pro
« Reply #4 on: November 26, 2016, 08:10 pm »
You are probably right Keith,it certainly does'nt live up to the hype you hear about it being a great beach detector.Its ok on the dry sand,like most detectors,but take it on the wet stuff and you will be left wanting.
The best advice for anybody wanting to detect the beaches is either get a multi frequency machine or a pi.
I know dedicated beach machines can be expensive but in the end they pay for themselves many times over.
Single frequency machines just fon't cut it at the beach,no matter what the adverts tell you.


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Re: garrett at pro
« Reply #5 on: November 26, 2016, 08:47 pm »
The Beach "game" is never going to be ,and never was an easy touch.
 Can I be honest with you andy ?
  Are you expecting to just go to a beach and find just good stuff ,such as Coins & jewelry?
 If so, that`s never going to happen, & only in an ideal world will it.
 You havn`t told us how long you`ve been detecting in the 10 post so far since joining, but at a guess by the sound of things ,you havn`t been detecting that long. 
 I`m sorry to say that unfortunately our detectors don`t see  detecting as only finding good stuff black or white. It not like that, even if varying amounts  of discrimination is applied it can  still find what you don`t like ,such as Aluminium pull tabs or cans, Silver paper or, lead fishing weights. 
That`s because your detector sees those metals as GOOD metals. You detector sees things in one of two sections, Ferrous or non ferrous. Again sadly  , Aluminium and lead fall into the good section of non ferrous.  You detector isn`t telling lies. Just because you see Aluminium or lead as a non desirable thats tough as far as your detectors concerned. If you disc those things out like aluminium pull tabs or silver paper, you stand a high chance of losing the signals of Rings or jewelry especially Gold and thin section Gold is really difficult to find on beaches especially thin gold rings and thin gold chains.
 IF ,you think, "I know ,I`ll get whats been suggested then, and buy a pulse detector ".
 Fine , but then you will not be in any better position really ,because the pulse detectors do not have any discrim as far as the same as "normal detectors" discrimination, and you will still dig every metal under you if your a novice ,because the pulse has a mono tone signal giving you no clue as to what metal you have detected ,and ,apart from some expensive Minelabs ,that do have a sort of discrim on them , you just have to play it by various color of tones in the mono tone sound. Granted the depth is much deeper but the down side to that is ,you can dig two foot down and find a steel hair clip. Who wants to be doing that ? ( I know ,I`ve done exactly that )
  If you want to go beach detecting the dedicated beach detector such as the Whites  Pulse models give you a sporting chance and are meant solely for beach work  ,and a detector such as a Minelab Sovereign  can give you decent depths plus, the availability of discrim , and on the Sov, Aluminium will come in as a recognizable Scratchy sound so you have a good chance on the beach with the Sov.
 Using a detector on the beach and using one proficiently will take lots of learning.   You will not be able to buy a detector such as the Garrett AT PRO and start finding just good stuff after  6 times of using it.
Nothing comes that easy and it takes months & months if not a year or more  of dedicated PRACTICE to know your detector well . It certainly won`t happen after 6 times. You could of course just been unlucky & didn`t go over anything much  or the beach you`ve done has been hammered  as lots are these days,  have you thought about that ?   
I know lads that use the AT pro on beach work and have no problem with it  because they have used it a fair old length of time . Its all about getting to know the language your detector speaks to you in. If some one speaks to you in a foreign language you don`t understand them, same as when your detector speaks to you and you don`t understand it, you have to learn what its telling you.
 I`m Sorry if this sounds a bit like some one is talking down to you or chastising you,as its not meant to be that at all. Like I said its about getting to LEARN how your detector works first  and what its telling you ,and I`m sure if you learn to use it ,you will start to find things but only after 6 times of using it,  NO WAY. And that`s just being totally straight with you.


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Re: garrett at pro
« Reply #6 on: November 27, 2016, 11:19 am »
Lots of good advice there Peter, I would add that my detecting is 99% beach, and I use a Racer and a Sovereign, did try a Chinese import and that did a good job once I changed the coil.