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The AKA range of detectors are out and about
Having tested both top and mid range models, the AKA Signum and the AKA Sorex, I can say both these machines can hold their heads high in the UK market. Personally I thought they really excelled on deep pasture, audio tones take a little getting used to but after you understand the language makes it fun to use, the Aka's also have a unique screen layout called the hodograph...again once you understand it you really begin to enjoy this machine.

The AKA Signum                                                                   The AKA Sorex
Testing the AKA Signum  Looking for deep targets
More info here >>>>>

Getting ready for the hoard hunting season with the Minelab GPX 5000
 Discriminating pin point probe tiny hand held metal detector Discriminating pin point probe for the minelab GPX 5000

I have made with the help of Pentechnics a discriminating pin point probe with a 4" coil, it has a fixed discrimination and non motion all metal once the button is pressed.
Why do I need a discriminating probe ?, when using a pulse machine it can save lots of time identifying iron once the top level of soil has been removed.

Back on the Whites V3i
whites v3i
After a short break I have decided to get another Spectra V3i, I really regret selling my original field test machine it has so many features, somewhere in there is a setting for every site, the v3i is the Swiss army knife of detectors.
I have made one or two vital modifications to make life easier, the first being a high power battery pack utilising NIMH Energizers which last much longer than the stock battery pack, note underneath the tape is a thermo resistor to stop the battery pack over heating while on charge.

whites v3i headphone battery conversion

Gary's detecting cordless module for the V3i
Secondly I have converted the original Whites cordless headphones to a small portable sound module, it now accepts any type of headphones and is completely cordless.
whites v3i headphones
This is another innovative idea from Gary's detecting remember where you saw it first.

whites v3i headphone conversion whites v3i headphone cordless module
whites v3i headphone tips and tricks whites v3i headphone sprite headphones

Time on our hands over Christmas
Boxing day 10 o'clock and I was already going stir crazy thinking of all the places I could go if I weren't confined to barracks, all I could do was stare at the machines in the corner hoping for the rain to stop. I noticed the Minelab GPX 4000 stem and arm cup had been painted in the past so decided to give it a little make over, I stripped the machine down and applied some Nitromors paint stripper to the painted parts with a view to etch prime and paint. The items looked so nice in bare ally I decided to give them a polish with Autosol and go for the bling approach.
Here are some pictures of my pimped up Minelab GPX

minelab_gpx_4000 modified_minelab_gpx

Doing our bit for land owners

Gaining metal detecting permission these days is getting harder, so when I have a land owner kind enough to grant me search permission I find it satisfying to put something back as a way of saying thank you. Many farmers may not require your help or services but it is always worth offering, just to let them know you are available at some point in the future.
As we all know, these days people are not so willing to trust people, especially strangers knocking on their door asking to walk on their land, once you build up a friendship with you land owner your search permission should be safe for years to come.
For example I am a commercial paint sprayer by trade, during winter my work goes quiet, every year my farmer buys a vintage tractor to restore, so rather than charge him my company rates I take on the work for an agreed discounted day rate that suits both of us, he gets his tractor restored, I get a years sole search permission for hundreds of acres, and introductions to other local farmers.
At the moment I have just started restoring tractor number six a 1970's Ford County.

tractor paint spraying

The best metal detector for under 200

A common question I am always asked is
I want to start metal detecting with a 200 budget how do I start ?
I would say there are 5 choices of quality metal detectors out there within your budget
Garrett ace 250
Fisher F2
Whites Coinmaster
Garrett ace 150
Tesoro Compadre
Avoid Chinese machines from internet auction sites and electrical stores.
Always use headphones when detecting, especially at rallies and club digs.
Buy a spade with a long handle, cut down border spades are fine.


beginners metal detectors

Keep your feet warm this winter

muckboots for metal detecting
It's that time of year again when we start to get cold feet, over the years I have gone through so many different pairs of boots I have given up counting. Recently I decided to try a pair of Muckboots as they have been recommended by several people.
There are several different types of Muckboots to suit all walks of life...all are named after rivers, the best ones for detecting are the Tay as they have a reinforced sole and arch which supports the foot when digging. Reading several reviews the Trent boot appears to be more comfortable and slightly cheaper so that's the boot I chose.
I must say these are very warm and like slippers to wear, not once have I had cold feet or a massive build up of mud on the sole...known as the detectorists big foot. The sole appears to be quite rigid but I would suggest using a spade with a rolled top to avoid puncturing the sole.

The only real complaint was they felt wet inside after a days detecting due to feet sweating, this could be down to the wrong socks, I have also been told spraying antiperspirant onto your feet will virtually eliminate this problem. The boots are so soft they can be rolled down into a half boot for easy drying and summer use.
Beware of copies, mudboots, muddyboots, dirtboots, muckyboots

NOTE : Now its 6 months on and my Muck boots have literally disintegrated on the inside around the heel section so I would advise caution when buying Muckboots, comfy...Yes, made for the job...No


Camouflage why is it so popular with metal detectorists ?

I for one am a lover of camouflage and very often asked why do I wear it and cover my machines in one type or another.
One reason is genuine military clothing has always been good quality and reasonably priced...however the main reason I wear cammo is so I am not seen by other detectorists...who may well be up to no good.

In the past I have had novices walk on my detecting land simply because they have seen me in the past and assume it's a free for all, this is one of the easiest ways to loose your detecting permission.

Although cammo will never make me invisible, it is designed to break up your body outline, I do my best to blend in to my surroundings keeping a low profile whenever possible, especially if searching close to a road or public place.

 If you stick out like a sore thumb your sites may well be covered in dig holes the next time you visit.



Real Tree Camouflage blending into it's surroundings
metal detecting in cammo

Here are some typical types of popular camouflage used by metal detectorists and shooters

British DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) used from 1968 to present day

British DPM cammo

MTP Multicam (Multi Terrain Pattern) the latest used by our troops in Afghanistan

British MTP cammo

German Flecktarn the dots cause a "dithering" pattern and is very good in woodland

German Flacktarn cammo


Here are some examples of quality military clothing from Amazon


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