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" Recording your metal detecting finds with the FLO"

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If you think you have found treasure you have 14 days to report it to the coroner, but most people report it directly to the FLO’s, who then report it on your behalf
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Like most responsible detectorists I like to make sure my dig holes are filled in 100%...well it’s a part of being a responsible detectorist isn’t it.
Also another think is to make sure you record your finds. A lot of people are not sure what is treasure and what is not treasure…what should be recorded and what shouldn’t.

Recording your metal detecting finds

I managed to catch up with Anni Byard from the Oxfordshire FLO, that’s the Finds Liaison Officer, she works for the portable antiquities scheme, they are in charge of recording finds and identification.
 We were on a Metal Detectives and XP Adventures dig, I wanted to catch up and have a quick talk with her and ask some questions about the treasure act and recording our finds.

A Gold Ring found while metal detecting

What is the treasure act and how do metal detectorists follow it.
The treasure act came in in 1996, it replaced the old treasure trove laws, there are 3 main criteria which constitutes treasure.
The easiest one is …any object that is Gold or Silver or over 10% Gold or Silver by weight and is more than 300 years old.
For coins it is a little different, 2 or more Silver or Gold coins from the same find spot could also be classed as treasure.
Pre historic objects that are pre- Roman / Iron age or before… Any object of any metal will automatically be treasure.

On that particular day she was very busy, 78 people attended the dig…68 finds were recorded, now that’s a fantastic conversion, so anyway here is the interview with Anni I hope you enjoy it.

Metal detectorists talk with the FLO about the treasure act and recording finds
Recording your metal detecting finds with the FLO

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